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Why do dogs like to chew?

Why do dogs like to chew?

I've never met a dog who doesn't like to chew on things. Whether it be their favorite stuffed toy, a durable bone, or your favorite shoe that they have unfortunately claimed as their own, dogs can't help but chew on something. You may notice that puppies will chew on almost anything, while senior dogs leave the chewing to the younger pups. So why do dogs like to chew so much?


There are a few reasons for this; firstly, it gives them something to do! If your furry friend has ever paced back and forth in front of the door, whining, even though you just went outside, he may simply be bored! Try giving him a bone or a puzzle treat to keep him entertained for a few hours. Bonus: if your dog is still in the puppy phase, chewing on a bone means he won't be chewing on your shoes or furniture! 


Another reason dogs like to chew is that it's instinctual. Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, and your dog's mouth is one of the primary ways in which he or she navigates the world. The instinct of gnawing and biting is in their DNA, it's a part of them that they can't help but do! Dogs’ chewing habits go all the way back to when they were wild animals and had to hunt to survive. It’s possible that they knew that chewing bones was good for their teeth, or they just enjoyed massaging their gums. 

Destructive Chewing 

If your dog is being destructive with his chewing and getting into things that he probably should leave alone, you can try a few things to combat it! If you make sure that your pup is tuckered out from a day of playing, this may decrease his urge to rip up your furniture or rugs because he has had a healthy way to release that energy! Another way to try to work against that potentially disastrous instinct is to make sure your pup always has a variety of age-appropriate toys to chew on so he doesn’t move on to your belongings out of boredom.


The Bristly Brushing Stick

Built with a dog’s anatomy in mind, the Bristly Brushing Stick satisfies your dog’s natural urge to chew. Raw bones can break apart and get lodged in your dog’s intestines or stomach, resulting in costly trips to the vet. The Bristly is safe to chew and offers one benefit other toys cannot: it brushes your dog’s teeth. Bones and food can knock away plaque that has built up on your pup's teeth, but the Bristly is specifically designed to brush your dog's teeth whileentertaining him! In addition, there’s no need for human intervention.

All you have to do is supervise your dog’s Bristly use for 5 minutes a day and your dog will have a healthy mouth and fresher breath!  Bristly is great for dogs of all ages, from puppies and senior dogs who have a hard time chewing other types of bones. 

For more information on how Bristly can help your dog have a healthier mouth, contact us today. 


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