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CBD for Dog Oral Health

CBD for Dog Oral Health

Gum disease in dogs is more common than many assume. While it’s a common myth that dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans’, it’s just that: a myth. When taking care of your dogs, one thing that you should do to keep them healthy is to clean their mouth and teeth. Improving their oral hygiene may seem like a difficult task, but it’s easier than ever before with products like CBD. 

CBD for Dental Care


Studies have demonstrated that the cannabinoids found in hemp, including cannabidiol (CBD), have antibacterial properties. This is one of the reasons why CBD may help improve your dog’s oral health. Antibacterial properties can help fight off the bacteria that causes plaque build-up. For this reason, CBD may be able to slow down the procession of gingivitis in dogs. 


CBD has tons of properties other than antibacterial, including anti-inflammatory properties that make it so critical for the prevention of gum disease in dogs. Gum disease is a painful affliction for dogs because the body attacks the bacteria and causes inflammation. Once that inflammation goes on for a while, it can worsen the painful symptoms of periodontal disease. CBD can help reduce inflammation by promoting your dog’s immune system. 


CBD can help get rid of the painful symptoms your dog is experiencing if they have been diagnosed with gum disease. It also provides relief from anxiety. Just like humans, when a dog isn’t feeling well, they become riddled with anxiety that can cause them to act out or simply feel even worse. As their pain subsides, dogs will be more relaxed and able to sleep better, which will aid in the healing process. 


While CBD can be beneficial for dogs after they’ve already been diagnosed with gum disease, it can also serve as a preventative measure. While nothing can replace brushing your dog’s teeth daily, CBD can help supplement your dog’s oral health routine by helping rid the mouth of bacteria and plaque. 

Final Tip: Discuss Your Options With Your Vet

If gingivitis persists, your dog can lose his or her teeth and develop a painful disease that can result in death. Gum disease also puts bacteria into your dog’s bloodstream, which puts them further at risk of developing another disease. If you look inside your dog’s mouth and notice his or her teeth turning black towards the gum line, you should discuss your options with your vet. CBD is not a cure but can help manage the painful symptoms of periodontal disease and help prevent gum disease from occurring in the first place.


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