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Curbing Dog Anxiety During Halloween

Curbing Dog Anxiety During Halloween

Halloween is always a fun time of year with carving pumpkins, going to parties, and seeing all the kiddos dressed up in their costumes when they go door to door for candy. But have you ever thought about how the noise of the holiday affects your pup? It might be a fun holiday full of candy and laughter to you, but hearing the doorbell ring every twenty minutes with chants of "Trick or Treat" may make your four-legged friend more anxious than you think. Here are a few ways to curb your dog's anxiety this Halloween: 

Burning Off Excess Energy

One of the best ways to make sure your pup isn't burdened by a sensory overload on Halloween night is to make sure he's not overly excited every time he hears a knock on the door. There is definitely a difference between a dog who gets excited and barks whenever he hears a knock at the door and a dog who raises his head from his bed when he hears a knock but doesn't get up and excited. You're aiming for the latter. A few hours before you're expecting princesses and pirates to show up at your door, take Fido on a long walk to wear him out. The more energy you can get out beforehand, the calmer he will be once trick-or-treaters come knocking. 

Keeping your Dog in a Separate Room

If your dog gets overly excited when someone comes to the door on a regular day, he's probably not going to calm down when the trick-or-treaters come knocking. If it's not practical to keep your dog in the same area where the festivities are happening, it might be best to put him in another room entirely. Start with a dark room with a few blankets to keep him comfortable is ideal. You could even put on some soft, relaxing music to help buffer the noise from the rest of the house. 

Use Anxiety Relief Dog Beds

There are several pet beds on the market that claim to relieve anxiety in your four-legged friend. The cave bed is a circular shaped bed with a flap attached to the top that your pup can burrow into when he's feeling overwhelmed. Burying into a safe space is a great form of self-soothing for dogs. The Donut cuddler bed is also a great option because being immersed in fur (even if it's faux) can remind your pup of being surrounded by litter mates and their mother when they were younger. Being surrounded by soft fabric that your dog can sink into is also relaxing for him. 

Utilize CBD Oil

CBD oil for dogshas recently gained a lot of traction in the pet parent community by being a natural way to help dogs deal with anxiety. CBD oil relieves anxiety by interacting with your pup's endocannabinoid system to relax them naturally. When the oil comes in contact with the body's cannabinoid receptors, serotonin, a mood-stabilizing hormone, is released to soothe and calm your dog. You can get the oil by itself and administer it in their mouth directly or add it to treats for them. There are also treats you can buy that have a safe amount of CBD oil in them. 


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