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Ocean Organics Raw Rolls Sushi for Pets is
crafted to provide complete, whole-body, health
benefits for your pets

Each ingredient is carefully chosen to ensure not
only the tastiest and best quality treats, but also
ensure your pets are getting the most health

Ocean Organics

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Why Feeding Healthy & Smart Matters!

Grain-free diet can cause

Most treats have high calories and filters that can cause inflammation which can cause

Rawhide treats may cause choking hazards and be

Processed treats
may contribute to

What Makes Ocean Organics Unique?

Human Grade

Made in a human facility, with
clean, fresh ingredients, good
enough for you, made especially for
your pets!

Wild Caught Ocean Fish

Atlantic Cod & Baltic Herring straight
from the sea, and sustainability fished.
Responsibly healthy!

Dehydrated Raw

Air-dried to maintain the benefits of
feeding raw while staying fresher
longer! It helps retain maximum
nutritional value.

Healthy Ingredients

NO GMO ingredients, artificial
preservatives, grains or fillers.
Just 4 clean, fresh and healthy
ingredients, specifically crafted for
pets health!


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