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Why cleaning your Bristly is important and how-to

Why cleaning your Bristly is important and how-to

Thanks for purchasing your new DIY doggy toothbrush, Bristly! We’re happy you’re taking the first step to great dog dental hygiene. That’s why we wanted to share this blog with you. Did you know? Most pet parents do not clean their dog’s toys.

In most cases, it may not dawn on you. Some pet parents don’t think twice about thinking their dog’s toys because “they’re dogs.” Simple enough, right? However, think about if you never cleaned or replaced your toothbrush. All of the bacteria from your mouth will sit on the bristles and grow! 

For this reason, you must regularly clean your dog’s Bristly. That means after each use. Your mouth is cleaner than your dog’s. Don’t believe that old myth that dog’s mouths are cleaner than humans! They simply carry more bacteria in their mouths than we do. One reason is that they’re always getting into stuff! 

Bacteria can cause periodontal disease and/or lead to the vet needing to pull your dog’s teeth. At the very least, dogs may have stinky breath. We know you’ve heard us preach the importance of dog dental care, but the next step after brushing your dog’s teeth daily is to make sure that their Bristly is clean. You don’t want bacteria from yesterday sneaking back in their mouths. 

So, how do you clean your dog’s new Bristly? It’s simple!

Bristly is made with all-natural rubber, so it’s very easy to clean. You can do it one of two ways:

1. Dishwasher: The Bristly is 100% dishwasher safe! Simply pop it into the wash with your dishes and voila! Just like trying to clean a straw using the dishwasher, it may not get all of the toothpaste out of the reservoir. A little bit of warm water and a little elbow grease will get rid of any toothpaste remnants. 

2. Hand Wash: If you don’t trust your dishwasher, try using your hands. All you need is the Bristly, warm water, and mild soap. Warm water will help break apart and dissolve any remaining toothpaste while mild soap helps wash Bristly clean. Make sure to rinse thoroughly so you can get all of the soap out of the nudges, bristles, and toothpaste reservoir. Set the Bristly with the toothpaste reservoir facing outward so that it can air dry properly. You never want to trap any water because it can lead to bacteria growth and mold. 

Still not convinced it's totally and completely clean?

We know that some pet parents are very particular. Sometimes the toothpaste reservoir can be difficult to see into so you may have a difficult time deciding whether it’s clean or not. For this meticulous pet parents, all you need is a pipe cleaner and warm water. Get the pipe cleaner wet with warm water and put it into the toothpaste reservoir. Give it a few pumps, and you’ll know that you cleaned every inch of your pup’s Bristly. 

How often should I wash Bristly?

You should wash the Bristly after every use so that you don’t put bacteria back into your dog’s mouth the next day. Make it part of your daily routine by spending 5 minutes supervising your dog’s tooth brushing and cleaning the Bristly right after. This will ensure that you always clean it so that your dog can the perfect brush with each use. 


Have any more questions about your dog's new Bristly? Ask us in the comments below!


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