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What to Do When Your Dog Sheds His Winter Coat

What to Do When Your Dog Sheds His Winter Coat

With spring finally beginning to feel like it's going to last more than a few days, we're all getting a little more excited to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Including your dog. That thick fur coat that he built up throughout the fall months to stay warm through a brutal winter is finally waning away into a less voluptuous coat, which is more comfortable for him, but you're stuck with fur everywhere. In the carpet, on the couch, coming off in clumps when you pet him, how do you manage all of the loose fur?


While there's no way to stop your dog from shedding his coat entirely, and it's actually healthy for your dog to shed his winter coat to prepare for the warmer months ahead, there are a few ways to manage shedding season effectively. Here are 4 of our top tricks: 

Regular Brushing

You're not going to get all of your dog's loose fur off of him in one go, but with regular brushing of his coat, you can help diminish the amount that he sheds. Aim for a thorough brushing about once a day. Ask your dog's groomer or veterinarian about a specific brush that will work best for your dog's type of fur. 

Using the Right Type of Brush

Depending on the breed of dog you have, he may need a specific type of brush in order to effectively brush away shedding fur. For example, a Husky, Bernese mountain dog, or Australian Shepherd are going to need a different kind of brush with their dense undercoats than a Maltese or a Yorkshire terrier. Look into brushes or rakes that can get deep into the undercoat of fur without damaging the top coat for dogs with long thick coats, and brushes that have stiff bristles for dogs with shorter coats, or who only have one coat of fur. 

Adding Omega 3 Fatty Acids

You won't get your dog to stop shedding just by adding Omega 3 fatty acids into her diet, but you may be able to help the process along a bit. Omega 3's help reduce itchy, flaky skin in dogs, as well as promote a silky coat of fur. Having healthier skin and coat may make it easier to brush your pup's fur due to less matting and clumps in their undercoat of fur as well as prevent shedding in the future. As an added bonus, Omega 3 Fatty Acids have also been known to improve kidney function, cognitive function and help relieve arthritis!

Take a Bath

Putting your pup in the tub and using shampoo and conditioner that's specially formulated to reduce shedding can help prevent the dreaded buildup of fur all over your house. For maximum effectiveness, give your dog a good brushing before you get him in the bath to remove any fur that's already loose. Beware of washing your dog too often, as this may lead to over drying of his skin which may cause him to scratch himself more, causing more fur to get in the house. 


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