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How to keep your dog entertained when working at home

How to keep your dog entertained when working at home

With more and more people working from home given the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of pet owners are getting to see what their furry friends are getting into every day. Some of them may nap all day and could care less that their human is sitting at the dining room table, just waiting to give them a belly rub.
But others may be more prone to boredom and get into the sock drawer or the bathroom trash to try and find some entertainment even with you typing away around the corner. Maybe he's not getting into anything at all, but he's a little needy and you just need to keep him entertained so that he's not begging for scratches behind the ear all day long. 

Whichever camp your pooch falls into, working remotely is a great opportunity to show your furry friend some love since you're home all day with him! If that means giving him a treat to keep him entertained and out of the trash while you're on a conference call, or just going on a longer walk because you have the time, take advantage of your new “coworker”! Because when you're actually back at work, you'll miss him more than you realized. Here are a few ways to keep Fido entertained while you're working from home:

Treat Toys

Treat toys are a classic way to keep your dog entertained for an extended period of time. There are balls where you put treats into the bottom and the dog has to work on getting them through a barrier and out a small hole in the top. There are also less complex rubber balls with holes where you can just insert a small dog bone, but these are usually less captivating because they're a bit easier to figure out. Finally, there are the classic kong toys that you can fill up with peanut butter and other treats. These treats will keep his mind engaged and hopefully off of the old leftovers in the trash.

Ice Cube Treats

Like treat puzzles, ice cube treats are a great way to keep your dog entertained for a little bit and without the added guilt of feeding your dog too many treats. If you're on a zoom call and can't risk Fido barking in the background, just grab one of these out of the freezer and he'll be set for a while. With warmer weather right around the corner, these are a great idea to have in your back pocket to cool your pup down on hot summer days, too. There are a ton of websites that list how to make your own ice cube treats, but a favorite of ours is combining chicken stock with vegetables. Tasty AND low calorie! Win, win!

Utilize a Window

If your pup just wants to be friends with any and all humans and dogs he sees, opening up a window that's on his level is a good idea to entertain him for a while. This is a good alternative if you have to be on your computer for most of the day and don't have the luxury of taking a walk every time your good girl gives you the puppy dog eyes. With everyone wanting to get a little more fresh air these days from staying home a lot more, there's quite a bit more activity out there, it seems. You'd be surprised at how engaged they get at people riding their bikes and taking their own dogs on walks outside. 

Hide Food Around the House

Another good way to keep your pup entertained while you're chipping away at all those emails is to hide food around the house. Take a minute to stretch your legs, and walk around the house hiding treats in places your dog will be able to sniff them out. Don't hide them anywhere too hard to reach, but maybe covering up the treats with a pillow or setting them on a chair in the dining room will give him just enough of a challenge to keep him interested. If you do this on a daily basis, make sure to mix it up and hide the treats in different locations! And maybe go on a long walk to burn off those extra calories! 

Have a Varied Selection of Toys

Just having a variety of toys for your dog to choose from can keep him entertained. Bones are great if he needs something to chew on, puzzle toys are another great option to keep his brain engaged. If he knows how to play fetch and you have room in the house, go ahead and toss the ball for him in between responding to client emails and texts from the boss. You get the added bonus of incorporating some physical activity via fetch so tire your pup out a little. If you're looking for a toy to keep your dog's breath fresh while keeping him busy, try the Bristly Brushing Stick!


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