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Tips for Taking a Road Trip With Your Pup

Tips for Taking a Road Trip With Your Pup

Summer may be winding down, but road trips shouldn't be just limited to one time of year! Road trips require a bit or organization, especially if you're bringing the family pet with you.

Depending on where you're travelling, there will probably be pit stops for snacks and bathroom breaks, and this is especially important to keep in mind for your four-legged friend. If you're travelling with your pup in the near future, we've got some tips and tricks to keep you organized and on the ball so you can have smooth travels to wherever your destination is. 

Comfort is Key

Going for a car ride is always something a dog wants to hear. But if he's going for a ride that lasts a day or two, that may make it a little less exciting, and a little more anxiety inducing. Add the fact that dogs usually get hyped up when they see you packing the car because they don't know if you're going to take him with you or to doggy day care, and you may have a real mess on your hands.

If you know that your dog gets anxious on road trips, it's important to make him feel as comfortable as possible. If you have the room, designate a spot in the car just for him and fill it with items from home like blankets, favorite toys, and even a bed if it will fit. Don't forget to let him poke his head out the window every once in a while. That's the best part!

Be Prepared for Everything

There's nothing worse than getting an hour into a road trip with your pup and realizing that he threw up on his blanket and the paper towels are all in the back - or worse - you didn't bring any paper towels at all! Since car trips are such a different experience than just hanging out at home, each dog may react a little differently to being on the road for extended periods of time.

Dogs can actually get car sick! Although this is more common in dogs that are a year old or younger, but it's best to be prepared for anything. Have a little food, a few treats to reward him for being "such a good boy" and a bottle of water just for your dog on hand so you can comfort him with food or water if he needs it. And bringing a bottle of carpet cleaner and paper towels isn't the worst idea!

Plan your Travels

When you spontaneously hop in the car for a road trip, it may be tempting to just "see where the road takes you." With a dog in the car, this isn't the best mentality. dogs need to go out every few hours to stretch their legs and relieve themselves, and honestly, it's not the best for humans to be sitting in a car for long periods of time, either.

In addition, research the hotels you're staying in if you need to crash somewhere for a night, because only select hotels allow dogs. And there's nothing worse than driving all day and finally arriving to your hotel for the night to realize that they don't allow pooches. 

Hopefully these tips will keep your next road trip running smoothly so you can relax and have fun at your destination!


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