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5 Simple Ways to Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

5 Simple Ways to Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

“Brush twice a day to keep the dentist away.”

That’s what we were told over and over again by our parents as kids. Granted, we were too young to understand back then, but oral hygiene has a big impact on not just our mouths, but our overall health too.

Now that we’re older, and have to deal with painful toothaches and expensive repairs, we find ourselves relaying the same message to our little ones - and even our fur babies!

Like humans, dogs need proper oral care to prevent plaque and tartar buildup, causing costly problems like gum disease, inflammation, and decay if left untreated.

Dog’s teeth are very similar to humans, and they are prone to exactly the same diseases. After the doggo’s final baby teeth fall out (around six months), the dog should have permanent teeth for the rest of their life, but only if they are properly cared for.

Unfortunately for many dogs, their owners don’t brush their teeth - mainly because they aren’t aware they need to! Regular cleaning keeps teeth healthy, pain-free and functional. You also won’t have to contend with the stinky breath!

Common Myths About Dog Dental Care - Infographics


Now, believe us, we know the struggle that can come with brushing your dog’s teeth. It can soon turn into a wrestling match unless you have a calm doggo who has been trained from a young age.

Thankfully, brushing your dog’s teeth is no longer a chore you want to avoid. Before you reach for the traditional toothbrush and toothpaste, there are plenty of easier and simpler ways to keep your dog’s teeth sparkly clean and diseases at bay.

In this post, our expert dog-lovers look at the alternative to brushing your dog’s teeth.

Dog Dental Toys

Yep, you read that right: dog dental toys. The thought of brushing your dog’s teeth might be enough to send shivers down your spine, but what if we told you some new dental care products make the job easy and inject some fun into the task?

With dog dental toys, your dog does all the brushing themselves! Simply throw them the toy for a few minutes in the morning and night, and your dog will be on their way to pearly whites.

Brushing Sticks

The dog brushing stick uses your dog’s natural biting instinct to clean their teeth through playtime. It’s fun, easy-to-use, and your dog does all the brushing!

Owners love the brushing stick as a stress-free alternative to traditional brushing and dogs love them for their fun design and tasty flavour!

The lined grooves brush teeth down to the gumline, fighting oral disease and reducing bad breath. Simply add some toothpaste and watch as your dog chews their teeth clean!

Bristly’s vet-approved dog toothbrush toy is virtually indestructible, meaning good hygiene doesn’t stop with the most extreme chewers. It also has a meat-flavoured material we’re pawsitive your dog will love.

Dog Dental Stick Infographics

If you’re unconvinced of the benefits, an independent study of sixty adult dogs found that adding a dental chew toy resulted in a significant reduction in plaque and tartar accumulation!

Dogs love the brushing stick, but owners must remember it should only be used as part of their daily dental routine for 5-10 minutes per day.

Tongue Cleaner Lick Mat

Bad breath is common for dogs, but that doesn’t make it unpreventable.

Getting up close and personal is a definite no-go when your furry friend has bad breath, and if you’re finding yourself frequently running from your pooch’s smooches, the tongue is likely the culprit. Did you know 95% of bad breath comes directly from the tongue?

The Bristly Tongue Cleaner is a simple and easy toy that will rid your doggo of unpleasant stinky breath!

Simply dollop a small amount of prebiotic toothpaste onto the tongue cleaner and watch your dog lick the toothpaste off the bristles, scraping away bacteria and food particles in the process.

The tongue cleaner lick mat promotes fresh breath and gums by scraping off harmful bacteria, but it also stimulates saliva production aiding your doggo’s digestion, making it the perfect partner to the brushing stick toy.

Use for a couple of minutes every day and your puppy kisses will turn from smelly to sweet in no time!

Tongue Cleaner Lick Mat for Dogs

Healthy Treats

Dog food treats aren’t designed to be your doggo’s only source of dental care, but they can really bolster a routine when used alongside other methods!

Whether you use the treats to train, reward good behaviour, or as a snack in-between meals, treats are a simple way to stop plaque development and top-up nutrition.

Dental Chews

Dog dental chew treats are a great addition to your doggo’s cleaning routine. The chewable texture ensures the treat gets into every nook and cranny to clear plaque and tartar buildup.

Bristly’s Prebiotic & Enzymatic Dental Treats work as a 2-in-1 that kills bad bacteria and promotes good bacteria to keep your pup’s pearly whites healthy. Our vet-recommended dog chew treats are specially-formulated to improve your dog's oral health in three ways:

Fight harmful bacteria. Create a healthy environment for good bacteria to grow. Reduce inflammation & maintain healthy oral hygiene.

With a tasty natural beef flavour, you’ll have no issue getting your dog on board with this healthy and safe snack.


Dog Treats

When it comes to pet treats, why not give your furry friend something that’s equally nutritious and delicious?

Ocean Organic’s Raw Rolls Pet Sushi is a one-of-a-kind treat made from simple, tasty ingredients: wild-caught herring meat and cod skin, pumpkin, and blueberries. They are loaded with all the goodness your dog needs to keep their body healthy and teeth happy!

Complementing the nutrient-packed ingredients is the oral hygiene-boosting cod skin. Cod skin’s rigid and crunchy texture naturally helps scrape teeth when chewing for added dental benefits.

Dog Dental Care Infographics

Healthy Diet and Natural Enzymes

Brushing your dog’s teeth (whether it be with a traditional brush or a modern toothbrush toy) will always be the gold-standard.

However, it has long been believed and proven that chewing certain foods can naturally decrease plaque, meaning kibble can play a role in preventing the formation of periodontal disease - welcome news when brushing isn’t possible!

Numerous studies show that soft diets increase the likelihood and severity of periodontal disease; meanwhile, harder foods requiring vigorous prehension and mastication are preferable for dogs.

Periodontal disease is the most prevalent of all diseases in dogs, with up to 80% experiencing periodontal disease by the age of 3. Similarly, liquids dogs consume can impact the likelihood of periodontal disease.

Dr Sara Barlowe Quote

In 2016, a clinical study demonstrated that drinking water containing an oral care product composed of natural ingredients (including matcha green tea), reduced plaque formation in dogs. Furthermore, no measurable calculus was formed, gingivitis was absent, and fresh breath was maintained throughout the trial period.

It’s worth remembering that no food (hard, soft, canned, or homemade) will eliminate the need for regular cleaning. Indeed, diet has been proven to support efforts, but nothing compares to that of a toothbrush toy.

We, humans, feel yucky at the end of the day regardless of what foods we eat, and it’s important to remember your dog will feel the same. If you fail to brush your dog’s teeth twice a day, you risk painful and expensive treatment.

Keep your doggo’s tooth decay and gum disease at bay with Bristly’s family of doggy toys and treats.

Bristly is a family of dog-lovers who have your furry friend’s best interests at heart. All of our products go through rigorous testing to ensure your pet gets the best results.

From brushing sticks and tongue cleaners to dental treats, we have all the dog dental care products to keep your furry friend’s teeth sparkling clean and healthy. Browse our selection of goodies today and join the Bristly pack. It won’t be long until your furry friend has a clean set of teeth to fit right in!


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