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How-to use Bristly Hemp Oil

Bristly CBD Oil Dog Oral Health

Bristly Hemp Oil 

Our great new Hemp oil -- infused with coconut oil--is the perfect supplement for dog oral health. Not only does it help manage pain in dogs that already have periodontal disease, it can help prevent plaque and tartar build-up, reducing your dog's chances of getting gum disease. 


Using Bristly Hemp Oil

There are many different ways your dog can use Bristly Hemp Oil. Here are just a few to help you get started and promote a healthy mouth for your pup. 


Bristly Brush

Bristly CBD Oil

Place a few drops of Hemp Oil onto the bristles of your dog's Bristly brush. The Hemp oil will get rubbed onto their gums so that the Bristly and Hemp oil can work together to get rid of stubborn plaque and tartar. 

Tongue Cleaner

Dog Tongue Cleaner

Add the oil to your dog's Bristly tongue cleaner. As the tongue cleaner helps gently scrape away bacteria on the tongue, the Hemp oil will help fight bacteria and keep it away longer.  

With Food

CBD Dog Oral Health Kibble

Mealtime just got healthier. Add Bristly Hemp Oil to your dogs food. It's beef-flavored so it will add extra taste to your dog's meal. 

Doggy Direct

Bristly Dog Oral Health CBD Oil

If your dog is easy-going and loves the taste of beef, you can simply use the easy-to-use eye dropper to drip a few drops of Hemp oil onto your dog's tongue. It will mix with your dog's natural saliva and reach various places in the mouth. 

No matter how you use it, Bristly Hemp Oil Infused with Coconut Oil is the perfect supplement for dog oral health. 


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