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Building a Bristly Routine

Bristly Brush

Routine is Important

Routine is one thing that almost every person shares in common. We have morning routines that help us wake up and start our day and routines that help us save time when we’re doing things that we do every single day. Because your dog should be brushing his/her teeth every day, building a routine will help them learn when to brush their teeth so that it doesn’t cut chunks of time out of your day and their playtime. 

A few things about Bristly: 

Bristly is only meant to be used for 5-10 minutes per day. 

While Bristly looks like a toy and acts like a bone, excessive chewing may cause wear and tear, making the Bristly less effective. 

Bristly must also be used under supervision. 

Like all dog-toys, you must supervise your dog’s use to make sure they’re chewing correctly and not damaging the Bristly. 

These recommendations don’t mean that you have to cut time out of your daily activities. 

Your dog’s Bristly routine shouldn’t cut into yours.We know you’re busy, and that’s why with these tips, you won’t lose any of your own time helping your dog brush his/her own teeth.

Here are a few tips that will help you break-in a new Bristly routine:


Same Time, Everyday

You probably brush your teeth everyday around the same time for a reason. Maybe you do it at this certain time because you like to start your way with a clean mouth, or maybe you do it after eating your breakfast. Whatever your reason, a routine means that you do your tasks in a certain order at the same time every single day. Like when you brush your teeth, it’s important for your dog to have a routine of their own. 
Therefore, using Bristly at the same time every day will teach your dog that this is not just a regular chew toy and will help you supervise use. 


Combine Your Routine with Theirs

An easy way to build a Bristly routine with your dog is to combine it with your daily routine. Before you brush your teeth, get their Bristly set-up with toothpaste and hand it to them. While you brush your teeth, they’ll brush theirs and when you’re finished flossing, your dogs time with Bristly will be completed. 

This is the simplest way to integrate a Bristly routine with one you have already. You’ll take no extra time out of your day and you’ll never forget to give your dog their Bristly brush if you associate their teeth brushing with yours. 


Reward, Reward, Reward

Rewarding your dog for a brushing well-done will help them learn that chewing their Bristly is a good thing. It will also help them remember when it’s time to chew their Bristly, because they know they’ll be getting a treat or a “good dog!” when they are finished. This will also help, because your dog will learn what time of day they should be chewing their Bristly. If you forget to give them their Bristly, odds are they’ll remember and try to remind you because they want that reward that comes after. 


Create a Bristly Zone 

You probably brush your teeth in the same area every single day. You can make your dog a small area on the floor for Bristly chewing. This will help them remember that Bristly isn’t just a chew toy, but something they do every day in a comfortable spot. Lay on the floor their favorite blanket and set their Bristly down there. They will associate this area with brushing their teeth and getting their reward after. This will also help you supervise their chewing more easily, especially if you are working your way through your own routine. By having them chew Bristly close-by, you can keep an eye on them without losing any time. 


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