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How-to use your new Bristly

Bristly Use

Step 1: Take Bristly Out of Package

When you first unwrap your new Bristly, you may notice a strong scent. We use all-natural rubber so you’ll notice a smell similar to rubber bands. Bristly is also scented with mint. 


If you’d like to decrease the smell, you can wash your Bristly with soap and warm water or put it in the dishwasher. The smell should dissipate within a few days. 

Step 2: Add Toothpaste

Bristly Toothpaste

Squeeze about a quarter-sized amount of toothpaste into the reservoir. This is the opening at the top of your Bristly. When the dog chews on Bristly, the toothpaste will mix in their mouth while they bite and chew the plaque away, helping to destroy bacteria and freshen breath.

Step 3: Introduce Bristly to Your Dog 

Bristly Brushing Stick Dog

Show your dog their new Bristly. Let them sniff and when they’re ready, they’ll take it from your hands to their favorite chew spot. 


Most dogs take to their Bristly right away, but some dogs get confused by their new functional chew toy. This is okay. If your dog seems uninterested in the Bristly, try adding peanut butter to the bristles to entice him or her. 


If you’re still having trouble getting your dog to use Bristly, visit “My dog won’t use his/her new Bristly, what should I do?” 

Step 4: Supervise 

Once your dog has begun chewing on Bristly, supervise their independent brushing. You’ll notice on the packaging of most regular dog toys, a warning advising pet parents to supervise their dogs at play. While the Bristly is not meant to be used as a regular chew toy, pet parents must supervise their dog’s chewing at all times. We recommend using the Bristly for 5-10 minutes a day only, so keep track of the time as best you can. 


Quick Tip: Brush your teeth while your dog brushes theirs! When you prepare Bristly, prepare your own toothbrush so that you can more easily keep track of time. When you’re don’t brushing and flossing, it’s time for your dog to finish up with their Bristly. 

Step 5: Wash and Store

You can clean your Bristly brush with soap and warm water or put it directly into the dishwasher. Make sure to wash every groove and the toothpaste reservoir where bacteria may be hiding. It’s important to keep Bristly clean, just like you do your own toothbrush. Store Bristly away from dog’s reach until next use. Excessive chewing on Bristly may cause wear and tear that can make Bristly less effective. 


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