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Hemp Oil for Dog Oral Health


With more than 84% of dogs age 3 and up diagnosed with periodontal disease, it’s more important than ever to take care of your dog’s oral health

Hemp Oil is a great natural supplement to add your dog’s daily oral health routine. See below for a list of reasons why:

Anti-Inflammatory Properties Provide Relief from Pain

Hemp Oil can help reduce inflammation by interacting pain receptors with receptors in the brain and central nervous system, naturally relieving pain from dental ailments such as periodontal disease.

A study conducted by the College of Veterinary medicine and Biomedical Sciences of Colorado State University surveyed dog owners who use hemp products such as Hemp Oil and found that these products were helpful in numerous areas of health.

Over 64% of those surveyed believe that Hemp Oil provided their dogs with relief from pain.

Antibacterial Properties Reduce and Prevent Plaque

Hemp Oil helps promote healthy teeth and gums. Plaque is an aggregate of bacteria that have formed on teeth and created a solidified protective layer. This means that the antibacterial properties of Hemp Oil will reduce bacteria in the mouth, reducing plaque and preventing future build up.

Less Bacteria =Less Plaque = Lower Risk of Periodontal Disease

Relief from Pain-Induced Anxiety

Dogs who are in pain tend to shake, whether from the pain itself or anxiety that the pain causes. We can’t easily explain to them why they’re feeling the way they are feeling, so they may be scared and not know how to cope. Hemp Oil helps provide anxiety relief related to dental discomfort and will help them sleep to speed up the healing process.

If you’ve ever used essential oil aromatherapy, you’ll find that lavender and peppermint organic compounds may cause you to feel more relaxed and calm. The same feeling can be accomplished through Hemp Oil.

“Cannabis contains the same calming terpenes are as found in both peppermint oil and lavender oil, plus it has its cannabinoids

Many essential oils are poisonous to dogs, so Hemp Oil makes a great anxiety-relief alternative.

Safer than Traditional Medication

This follows the human trend for more natural and holistic remedies.

Traditional pharmaceutical options may have long lists of possible dangerous side effects such as, constipation, mood changes, restlessness, trouble breathing, and confusion.

Compared to traditional medicine, Hemp Oil has been found to provide minimal side effects.

Hemp Oil is a healthy natural alternative to traditional forms of medication because there are minimal, less health-endangering side effects.

To learn more about Hemp Oil and oral health, click here.


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