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Dog Food Enhancers: What You Need to Know

Dog Food Enhancers: What You Need to Know

Over the last few years, dog food toppers began making their mark on the pet industry and have become increasingly popular among pet parents. Dog parents are scrutinizing their pet’s food just like they do their own, finding that what they were told on the boxes and bags, was having the opposite effect on their pups.

Dog food manufacturers have been improving their ingredient list and nutritional values to reflect the health-trend we’ve seen on the rise in the past few years.
However, prices are also increasing as more brands specialize in foods for certain diets. Just as it has always been, kibble is typically the most convent and cost-effective dog food on the market. However, most pet parents know that it’s not the most delicious option for their pets. 

What Are Dog Food Toppers?

As we have just said, dog food is certainly not tasty to us, so why would it be great for our pups? While we know they like eating things outside that we would never put in our mouths, we also want to be able to feed them something that’s both delicious and nutritious. 

Also known as dog food enhancers, dog food toppers make kibble tastier while increasing the nutritional value of their meal. 

These toppers are often created for both taste and health as they are made with quality vitamins, probiotics, superfoods, and high-quality cuts of meat, things that your dog may not be getting in their cheap kibble.

You can also refer to toppers as dog meal supplements because they transform regular kibble and make it healthier. However, a food topper is just that, a meal supplement, not a replacement. While it may be loaded with vitamins and beneficial ingredients, it is not a substitute for all of the ingredients in your dog’s food.

When to Use Dog Food Enhancers?

If your dog eats wet food, they won’t need additional mixers to make their food more enticing. However, if your dog eats dry kibble, then it’s definitely something to consider. 

What if you had to eat the same thing every single day? We’d get sick of our own favorite foods pretty quickly. Consider how your dog feels, eating the same kibble every day for years. Dry food is not enticing, but a quality dog food topper can help you reward your dog, transition them onto a new kibble, or supplement their current diet by adding more vitamins. 

If your dog is healthy, but sometimes has a lack of appetite, you can use food enhancers to entice them to eat their dinner so that they can stay strong and healthy. 

What to Look for When Buying Dog Food Toppers

You should never use dog food toppers that don’t have added supplements, vitamins, and minerals. There’s no reason to make a balanced meal unhealthy. If you find that your dog has stopped eating what you believed was their favorite food, it may be time to switch flavors from beef to chicken or vice-versa. 

Here’s what you should look for when purchasing dog food enhancers:

Health Support: Your food topper should be packed with health-beneficial ingredients, including probiotics that support gut health. 

Natural Ingredients: Natural ingredients, like pumpkin, that are high in fiber and support digestion, will make sure your pup is ready for playtime or their nightly walk after dinner. 


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