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Best Canine Dental Hygiene Products

Best Canine Dental Hygiene Products

You know that it's important to take care of your dog's teeth and gums not only to keep him happy and healthy, but to also prevent diseases down the road gingivitis and other forms of periodontal disease.

Additionally, if your pup's dental health gets too bad, it is possible for problems like liver and heart disease to arise from the poor dental health. There are chews and treats you can buy that will lessen your dog's bad breath, but the only way to actually keep his teeth and gums safe and healthy is to brush his teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste (or have him take control of it, but more on that later).

There are also products specifically designed to reduce the amount of bacteria and plaque in dog's mouths. Bristly has a few such products that are expertly designed to keep your dog's mouth feeling fresh and clean, and to keep your mind at ease as a responsible pet owner. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Bristly Prebiotic Toothpaste

Bristly Prebiotic toothpaste for dogs is specially formulated to not only clean your dog's mouth, including teeth, gums, and tongue, but the prebiotics create an ideal environment for good bacteria to grow. Unlike toothpaste for humans, dogs will ingest the toothpaste they use, so it has to be safe for their digestive tracts. Enter prebiotics. Prebiotics are not only safe for your dog's intestinal tract, but they also contain beneficial properties including improving digestion and even treating diarrhea.

When applying the toothpaste, it's best to use a brush - you can find a variety of different toothbrushes to suit your four-legged friend. Finger brushes and more traditional toothbrushes are both options for your dog. When you use toothpaste and toothbrush in tandem on a regular basis, you'll ideally be able to protect your dog from diseases like gingivitis for years to come.

Note: always use a toothpaste that's specifically made for dogs. Toothpaste designed for humans contains fluoride, which is toxic to dogs. Ask your vet if you have any concerns with products used to improve dental health for your dog. 

Bristly Tongue Cleaner

Have you ever been told by the dentist that you need to brush your tongue? You normally think of the gumline and crevices between the teeth when you think of plaque accumulation, but the tongue is a huge surface area for plaque to accumulate in the mouth. And plaque buildup leads to tartar accumulation, which may lead to periodontal disease.

Brushing your dog's teeth is already a hassle, brushing his tongue sounds nearly impossible. That's where the Bristly Tongue Cleaner comes in. This product is made especially so your dog can brush his tongue! The soft rubber fibers are made to scrape away plaque from your pup's tongue, leaving a healthier mouth behind. To maximize the benefits, try adding Bristly toothpaste to ensure a healthy dental experience.

Adding Bristly Hemp Oil is another option to help relieve pain and inflammation in your pup. The large suction cup on the back makes the cleaner stick to any solid surface to try it on the floor, better yet, try it on the wall of the shower while you're giving your dog a bath. Bathe and entertain Fido while getting his body clean at the same time! It's a win-win!

Bristly Prebiotic Dental Treats

Bristly Prebiotic Dental Treats for dogs are a nice way to show your pup some extra love, while fighting plaque and tartar at the same time! Equipped with "dual power," bristly dental treats contain enzymes which fight bad bacteria that leads to plaque accumulation, and prebiotics which help to maintain a healthy gut biome.

These treats contain ingredients that will reduce inflammation along your dog's gumline, as well as improve digestive quality due to the prebiotics. In addition to the benefits listed above, prebiotics have also been known to boost immune system function, especially for dogs who are older or have certain health conditions. Last but not least, these treats freshen your dog's breath quickly and easily. One treat a day between regular brushing will have both you and Fido smiling!

Bristly Brushing Stick

Want your dog to have pearly whites without all the work? Bristly Brushing Stick, the toothbrush for dogs, may be just what you're looking for. The ergonomically designed brush was created especially for dogs to be able to chew, effectively brushing their own teeth without any human intervention (besides getting it out, maybe).

With an internal self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir, brushing has never been easier! The bristles lining the brush are made to clean the hard to reach area along the gumline, a critical area in dental health according to any vet or dentist. The durable rubber is made to last, and is flavored, as an extra treat! Upgraded nylon paw pads make the brushing stick easy to hold on to, and it comes in a variety of sizes to fit any and every dog. 


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