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Benefits of sleeping with your dog

Benefits of sleeping with your dog


A recent study found that more than half of pet parents allow their pets to sleep in their bed because it makes them feel comforted. We can attest to the fact that having something furry and soft to snuggle at night makes us sleep better. You may think that sharing your bed with your fur-baby would disrupt sleep, but most people actually said that they don’t believe that’s the case when their pets sleep in bed with them. 

They may also bring comfort to those who live alone. Your dog wants to protect you, and having them in bed with you can make you feel more at peace as you sleep through the night.


During the cold winter months, it helps to have something with a high body temperature sleeping next to you. Instead of turning the heat up, try crawling under the blankets with your dog! Dogs know how to keep themselves warm in the wild, so they don’t need thick blankets. Their fur alone is enough to keep the chill off at night. 

If you live in a cold climate or your home is rather cold, spend some time snuggling your dog for warmth! 

Dogs also release heat while panting or sweating through their paws, so you can rest assured knowing your bed will be warm all night long.

Lowers Blood Pressure

This is perhaps one of our favorite benefits of sleeping with your dog. The simple act of having a dog can lower your blood pressure, which can be helpful if you suffer from hypertension. A research paper stated that people’s blood pressure was lowest while they were petting their dog. Strangely enough, it was highest when they were talking to another person. Simply stroking your dog can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health when it comes to blood pressure and stress.

Calms You

Being with your dog can put you in a better mood and can help you feel calmer. While dogs are known for being energetic, all of them have a happy spirit that can help you relax or feel better. 

Playing with your dog or snuggling in bed can have a huge impact ton your mental health. Once you and your dog get in bed, they’ll begin relaxing and dozing off, which can help you do the same. Not to mention, the heat they give off can help you drift off to dreamland much faster. 

Strengthens Your Bond 

Sleeping next to your dog can help strengthen the bond between you. Remember, dogs are pack animals and will often snuggle each other at night to keep warm. In rescue dogs or new puppies that have been separated from their mothers and siblings, this is especially important. 

Sleeping with your dog can help strengthen the bond and enable your dog to feel closer to you.

The Sleeping Habits of Dogs

Did you know? Dogs need around 12-14 hours of sleep each day; puppies need even more at 18 hours. Just like a human, the amount of sleep they need will change as they get older.


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