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What Can You Do About Your Dog’s Health Right Now?

What Can You Do About Your Dog’s Health Right Now?

Your dog is your best friend and your child. No matter how long you’ve been together, your primary concern is taking care of them and making sure that you’re doing everything you can as a pet parent to ensure their health. We know you’ve heard it all before; taking your dog for a walk is beneficial for both you and him or her. Plus, they love going outdoors and spending quality time with their humans. We don’t need to tell you what you already know, so here’s what you can do about your dog’s health right now. 

Brush Their Teeth

Years ago, doctors linked bad oral hygiene to a number of other life-threatening health conditions in humans. What many people don’t know is that bad oral hygiene in dogs can also have serious health implications. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is just one problem that can arise from not taking proper care of your dog’s mouth, teeth, and tongue. The good news is that periodontal disease can be prevented by brushing your dog’s teeth every day. 

The Dilemma: Brushing your dog’s teeth is hard.

That’s one of the reasons why many pet parents don’t do it. Just like getting your dog through the front door of the vet’s office, brushing their teeth is a fight every single time. Many of us have found that even the littlest dogs can gain massive strength when they see a dog toothbrush coming toward them. 

The Solution: Bristly.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is as easy as them doing it themselves because they literally can brush their own teeth. This dog toothbrush toy is designed with dogs’ anatomy in mind, with paw pads that help them hold the brush and use it correctly to reach all of those teeth. Bristles and nudges scrape away stubborn plaque and tartar while massaging the gums and increasing blood flow, a recipe for a truly healthy mouth. 

Get Active 

We promised we weren’t going to tell you to take your dog for a walk to keep them fit, so we won’t. Instead, we’ll give you some simple activities that you can do to keep your dog in shape. 

You’re it!
Winter is quickly approaching, which means you won’t be able to spend as much time outside as you’d like. This doesn’t mean that your dog can’t still be active. Just like taking a walk, this activity will require you to get moving too. Play a game of tag with your dog. As a pet parent, you know how to get your pup in a playful mood. Try running around the house or in any area that’s safe and has tons of space. You can do this for just ten minutes to get their heart rate up (and yours) and reduce any anxiety or extra energy at the end of the day. 
Rope Wars
If your dog likes rope toys, play a game of tug a war that lets them utilize the strength of their jaws, and pull you forward. While this activity may not burn as many calories as running around, it still keeps them up and active. Remember not to pull too hard, instead, let your dog win. 

Focus on Diet

It’s never too late to focus on your diet and your dog’s diet. It doesn’t have to be a new year to make some major changes to your pup’s health. Talk to your vet about what type of diet would best benefit your dog, and which brands are ideal. There are tons of diets for dogs out there, and it’s not always best to listen to the commercials or websites that make claims about what they can do. Make sure to stay informed and talk to your vet before making a major change to your dog’s diet. 

Spend Time Together 

As you may know, spending times with loved ones is beneficial to our health. The same is true for dogs. They love spending time with their humans, and it may even benefit their general health as well as their mental and emotional health. Dogs who have anxiety typically like to be pet during storms or fireworks because being with their human makes them feel better. Let’s face it; being with your dog is your favorite time of day. 

While the typical pup and parent enjoy watching television and movies together, try activities that engage your pup. Hide treats around the house and help them find where the goodies are stored to remind them of how good he or she is. 

You can also cook together. If your dog is always in the kitchen when you are and hoping for scraps, try making dog-friendly cookies, or cooking them a gourmet dinner. They’ll love spending time with you while you do something that’s purely for them. Warning: your dog may never let you eat alone again after this. 


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