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Quarantine Activities for Dogs

Quarantine Activities for Dogs

We know, everyone is getting restless and experiencing "quarantine fatigue." Not a lot of meeting up with friends, or going out to eat, or just walking around the mall for fun. But just because we're inside a lot more than normal due to the stay at home orders still effect in some states, doesn't mean that you can't utilize this extra time to have fun with your dog!

It might not include going to the dog park or going on doggie play dates like you're used to, but you can still have some quality one-on-one time with your dog during this time. Even taking advantage of this slower time and taking your dog on a long walk every day can be a good way to get out and get some fresh air with Fido. If you're looking for some more interesting activities to do with your dog, check out a few of our favorites below: 


Getting into the great outdoors and getting some fresh air is a great activity to do with your pup. Whether you have hiking trails near where you live or whether you have to drive a bit to get to them, hiking is a good way to spend time with your dog outdoors in a new environment that's not just going around the block for the 12th time this week.

Getting your pup out to see some different things in nature is a good stimulant for him, and changing up the scene is good for you, too! You can even make a fun game out of it and see how many big sticks you can find, or race to the top of a particularly steep hill.


Teaching your pup a new trick

Maybe you have always wanted to teach your pup how to roll over, or maybe you're really ambitious and want to teach him how to turn off the light switch or even ride a skateboard!

Whatever trick you choose, this time at home is the perfect time to buckle down and teach your pup that trick you've always wanted him to know. Clickers can be a great tool when you're teaching your dog an especially challenging trick. With enough patience (and treats!) your dog can learn anything!

Run in the sprinkler

An oldie, but a goodie, running in the sprinkler is always a great activity to do on a hot day. Since a lot of beaches are still closed right now, turning on the sprinkler and splashing around might be the only way to cool off outside for a while. Well, unless you're lucky enough to own a pool. Watching the dog try to catch streams of water and rolling around in the wet grass is always so much fun! 

Work out together 

At-home workouts are becoming very popular with a lot of gyms still being closed around the country, so why not get your dog in on the fun? It's an easy one to take the pup on runs or to chase him around the house or the backyard to get that cardio in, but there are other exercises that you can include Fido in, too! If you have a small dog, try placing him on your back while you do pushups for a little extra resistance!

If you have a pool in the back yard, get your dog to swim laps with you! This can even be as simple as petting your pup in between the exercises you do! Squat, pet! Lunge, pet! For an added challenge to your planks, switch on and off between right and left hand and give your pup a pet. And apparently Doggy Yoga is turning into a super popular activity! Just be careful when exercising around your pup! We don't want any accidents to occur!

Scavenger hunt

This activity might sound challenging to do with your pup, but you can always adjust what you're doing so she doesn't get too frustrated. Start with hiding treats around the house, but in locations that aren't too hard to get to like on top of the coffee table or on a kitchen chair. You can also hide their favorite toys since they usually know what those are by name! As an added bonus, hide a treat along with the toy!

Obstacle course

You can make a really creative obstacle course for you and your four-legged friend to enjoy with just a few of the materials you probably already have lying around the house! A ladder lying in the grass can be used to practice quick feet. You can set a tennis ball on the ground and have your dog bring it to you. Indoor tunnels are a great option, and so are steps that your pup can run up one side and down the other. You can even grab a hula hoop and try to get your dog to jump through!


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