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Beware of Fake Bristly’s

Our customers are finding that there are fake Bristly’s being sold online and marketed exactly the same as our own. These companies are even using our advertisements and imagery taken directly from our Kickstarter page or website. We want you to be careful when purchasing a DIY dog toothbrush.


The Dangers of Fake Bristly’s

We cannot guarantee the safety of these fakes, please avoid purchasing these fakes. If are ordering a Bristly on Amazon, we recommend contacting our customer service team to make sure really are purchasing from our brand.

Our customers are finding that these fakes are dangerous. Made with low-grade materials, these fakes can break off and become swallowed by your dog. They pose a serious choking hazard and if lodged in your dog’s stomach can require surgery.

While we use tough, all-natural rubber to ensure the safety of your pup, we cannot confirm that the materials on the fake products are safe for your dog. They may also contain harsh chemicals that can cause serious life-threatening illnesses

While many “companies” selling the fakes may actually send you a product, you also may be running the risk of them taking your money and never delivering a product.

The only real way to ensure the safety of your dog and wallet is to purchase directly from us, the creator and the manufacturer.

How do I know if my Bristly is a real Bristly?

Check Your Receipt

The best way to find out if your Bristly is real is to find your receipt of purchase. If you purchased Bristly online, you’ll have a receipt in your inbox directly from us. If you’d like to be extra careful, you can even contact us through our website to confirm that you placed your order with us.

If you purchased your Bristly in stores, you should call the shop and make sure that they work directly with us. Bristly is currently only available online or in select pet stores.

Look at your Bristly

Our Bristly's may differ slightly in design than the fakes out there. In order to tell if your Bristly is authentic and safe, you can tell by:

Embossing: Bristly is embossed on the front with our brand name. If your DIY dog toothbrush is not embossed, it isn’t a Bristly and we cannot guarantee the safety of your dog.
Design elements: Our Bristly's differ slightly from the fakes out there. The grooves and side nudges have a different look and feel than the fakes, as well as the top part is now full round! So make sure to check our website: to compare.


Let’s take a look at the authentic Bristly versus the fakes.

Authentic Bristly - MADE IN THE USA!


Fake Bristly - Made in China

Fake Bristly


Notice how the fakes tend to have more rounded, circular edges while the Bristly is a little more square. You’ll also notice that the bottoms do not have the Bristly “patent pending” and that the tops are normally a circular hole instead of Bristly’s rectangular toothpaste reservoir.

Where to purchase real Bristly’s?

Maybe you’ve purchased a fake because you liked the idea of being able to clean your dog’s teeth without having to deal with the hassle of getting them to sit still. If you’d still like to ensure proper oral health without worrying whether or not the product you purchased is safe, you can purchase Bristly directly on our website or by clicking here.

We’re also available in some pet supply stores, so make sure to double-check any packaging when you’re at a retail store to confirm that it is, in fact, sold by Bristly.

Still not sure? If you just can’t tell if the product you want to purchase is an authentic Bristly, you can contact our customer support team on the Contact Page of our website they’ll be able to assist you and double-check to put your mind at ease.


What Empawer Pets Is Doing About It

To remedy the issue and ensure the safety of all pups who need help maintaining their oral health, we have filed lawsuits against Amazon and Ebay to help shut these sellers down.

The Federal Courts have ruled in our favor, and we are now systematically shutting down the fakes, as they pop up we will continue to do so! 


I bought a fake, what do I do?

If you purchased a fake and realized it afterward, stop your dog’s use of it immediately. They could be dangerous, so keep it someplace they can’t get it.

If the company you bought it from is less-than-professional and decides to ignore your requests for a refund, it might be time to file a chargeback with your credit card company. You can do this simply by calling the number on the back of your credit card and letting them know all of the problems you’ve encountered.

Your dog’s health is our number one priority, so all you have to do is send us an image of the fake, let us know where you purchased it from and from who, and you’ll receive a 15% off coupon code from one of our knowledgeable customer service reps.


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