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Featuring the Bristly Dog Tongue Cleaner

dog tongue cleaner bristly

Did you know? 95% of bad breath comes from the tongue. Contrary to the popular myth, a dog's mouth is not cleaner than a human's. Dog tongues can contain over 500 types of bacteria. Dogs lick their fur to clean themselves, and if they get hurt, they will lick their wounds. If their wound has started to become infected, that harmful bacteria can transfer to the dog's mouth and exacerbate oral problems like halitosis, gingivitis, periodontal disease.


Introducing (drum roll) the Bristly Dog Tongue Cleaner!

dog tongue cleaner bristly

This nifty little tongue cleaner easily sticks to the floor so dogs can lick away lousy breath all by themselves. It works the same way a tongue scraper does and provides many of the same benefits humans get from tongue scraping.

Debris, bacteria, and dead cells can build up on your dog's tongue over time, especially if they don't brush their teeth with the Bristly brushing stick every single day. This can lead to bad doggy breath and have a negative impact on their overall oral health.

Here are the benefits of tongue cleaning for doggies:

Improve the Appearance of the Tongue:

Buildup and debris can cause your dog's tongue to take on a white and coated appearance that might not be ideal for puppy kisses. Daily scraping can help remove the coating and prevent it and bacteria from returning. 

Remove Bacteria:

Using a tongue cleaner can reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth. With each lick, bacteria is scraped away! Some bacteria are known to cause bad breath and dental decay, so we want those out of our fur babies' mouths.

Improve Overall Health:

Removing bacteria will help prevent cavities, gum disease, and other conditions that may affect our dogs' mouths.

Reduce Bad Breath:

Although tongue scraping should never replace daily brushing, it can reduce bad breath. Odor-causing bacteria like to live in the tongue's moist, warm environment, making this area of your dog a breeding ground. Scraping away that bacteria will help get rid of bad breath.

The key is consistency

You should have your dog clean their tongue every day as part of a healthy dental routine. After using the Bristly brushing stick for five minutes, let them lick away the remaining bacteria using the Bristly Dog Tongue Cleaner.

To entice dogs to lick, we recommend adding Bristly Pre-biotic toothpaste to clean the mouth and battle future bad bacteria.

After each use, remember to clean your tongue cleaner using gentle soap and warm water. It can even be placed in the dishwasher along with the Bristly brushing stick.

For safety reasons, never let your dog pick up the tongue cleaner and chew on it. It should be securely stuck to the floor before use. As with any dog product, make sure to monitor your dog so that they don't try to bite it or break a piece off.

For maximum benefits, use all Bristly products as part of your dog's daily dental routine and never use a broken tongue cleaner.


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