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CBD Oil and Hemp Oil: What's the difference?

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil is often called Hemp CBD Oil, making it confusing for consumers when comparing it to Hemp Oil. These are, in fact, two different types of oils. 

Check the name:

Here are a few of the different name variations for both CBD Oil and Hemp Oil so that you know exactly what you’re purchasing:

CBD: Hemp Extract, Hemp CBD Oil 

Hemp Oil: Hemp Seed Oil 

*Note that CBD Oil can be referred to as Hemp Extract. This is CBD oil, not Hemp Seed Oil. 


How Are They Similar?

What makes comparing these two oils difficult to distinguish from one another is that they do have some similarities other than their names. 

Here are three key similarities between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil: 

Same Source

CBD Oil and Hemp oil are made from the same plant, Cannabis Sativa. This plant is also called the Industrial Hemp Plant. 

Little to no THC

Hemp contains zero THC. The seed of the hemp plant from which Hemp Oil comes has 0% THC, according to tests. However, CBD does contain some THC. It contains less than 0.3% THC, which has no hallucinogenic effect on your dog. 

Safe for Dogs 

Both CBD and Hemp Oil are safe for use in dogs. While uses and functions differ, both are safe for dogs to use. It’s important to follow directions on the packaging for use with your dog to avoid stomach discomfort. 

Health Benefits

Both oils offer health benefits for dogs when used properly. These health benefits are not the same for both oils, so you must choose wisely when deciding between using Hemp or CBD Oil on your dog. 

How Are They different?

While these oils share some of the same attributes, they are not one and the same. These are their differences: 

Part of Plant:

While both oils come from the same plant, they are derived from different parts of the Hemp plant. Hemp Oil comes from the seed while CBD comes from the whole plant. 


Uses and Functions:

These oils also have different functions and provide different benefits. 

CBD Oil can help deal with psychosomatic issues like, stress, anxiety, sleep issues, and physical ailments like pain and inflammation due to cannabinoids. Psychosomatic 

Hemp Oil, similar to coconut oil, can be both a food and a moisturizing agent. Many consider Hemp Seed Oil a superfood because it contains high levels of omegas and vitamins. Hemp Oil is also great for hair and skin. You can put it directly onto your dog’s fur to keep skin moisturized and improve coat. When ingested, it can have the same effects. 


A note about THC:

While hemp seed oil contains no THC, CBD oil does contain trace amounts of THC, as we mentioned previously. 0.3% is so little that your dog will not experience the “high” associated with marijuana. 

Warning: THC is actually toxic to dogs. While the trace amounts in CBD are safe for use in dogs, the amount of THC in marijuana can be lethal. It’s important to research the CBD products you use and make sure that they contain little to no THC. If you are feeling uneasy about purchasing a certain CBD product, contact the manufacturer to make sure the amount of THC is less than 0.3%. 

Bristly Hemp Oil

Bristly Hemp Oil is the perfect supplement to your dog’s dental care routine. 

Here are a few benefits Bristly Hemp offers dogs:


Helps Relieve Oral Pain

Promotes a Healthy Mouth

Anti-Fungal and Antibacterial 

Fights Plaque Build-Up

Use with Bristly brushing stick, dental treats, or tongue cleaner for best results. (Maybe we can use small image of those products if there’s room) 

*Bristly CBD Oil is not meant to replace daily brushing, but act as an extra soldier to protect dogs’ mouths from harmful bacteria. 




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