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6 Things to Do With Your Dog Before Summer Ends

6 Things to Do With Your Dog Before Summer Ends

Summer is coming to an end. In most places, Autumn weather is coming fast. Remember all of the plans you made last winter for what you would do with your dog this summer? We know you probably did some of them, but your busy life prohibited you from doing more. Don't let the end of summer be a period of inactivity with your pup. Here's what you can do to spend some quality time together before summer comes to a close. 

Take a Walk

Walking your dog is one of the healthiest physical activities you can do together. Not to mention, dogs love walks, so they'll appreciate going out and sniffing as much foliage as possible before fall and winter weather hit. 

If your dog has anxiety or seems restless throughout the day, odds are they aren't getting as much exercise as they should be. A walk around the block or at his or her favorite park can be an effective solution to puppy restlessness. 

Go to the Park 

If your dog loves to be social, take them to the local dog park to make new friends. Playing with other dogs is great for dogs who spend most of their time indoors and allows them to burn off extra energy. 

If you have never taken your dog to a dog park before, ease them into it by letting them meet new dogs while still on a leash. If it is an off-leash park, you can let them loose once you and your pup are comfortable. 

Prepare for Cold Weather

This one may not seem as fun as the others, but it's essential. If your dog typically wears sweaters in the winter to stay warm, make sure that their clothing still fits. You never know what could happen to a puppy sweater once it goes through the dryer, so have your pup try on any of their jackets or shirts so that you won't get stuck in the cold when winter does come. 

You can make this fun for your dog by turning it into a photoshoot and rewarding them for good behavior. If you do find that their clothes no longer fit for whatever reason, take them to a pet shop that allows dogs inside so that they can help you choose their next sweater or jacket. 

You can also prepare for cold weather by making sure your dog has a nice place to sleep when the house is cold. If they have an area dedicated just to them, make sure the blankets are out and ready when the temperature drops. 

Go on an Adventure 

Your last summer adventure doesn't mean you need to get into the car and drive far away. It can mean going somewhere you've never been before. If you haven't visited the local dog park ever, you can go there and make a day of it. You can also take your pup to new parks so that they can get some last-minute summer sniffs in and enjoy the scenery with their favorite person.

If you can make time, plan an entire day devoted to your dog. You can take them from place to place and reward them with a treat at the end of the day. 

Scavenger Hunt

Let your dog dig up your yard just a little bit before leaves and snow cover the ground. You can plant treats and toys in the grass and let your dog sniff them out. If you don't have a fenced-in yard, you can still leash your dog and have fun by planting goodies near the house. Dogs love to dig, so make at least a couple of things challenging to find. 

Get Into Healthy Habits 

Once the cold weather hits, most people's healthy habits from the summer go out the window. People begin eating junk food and working out less. However, what you don't realize is that when you are inactive, so is your pup. They will take on your lifestyle habits for themselves. Get into healthy habits now, and try to keep them year-round. This may be getting more active, going out for a walk when you can, and working on other areas of health that matter. 

Let's talk about dog dental care. One habit many pet parents fail to get into is taking care of their dog's oral health. You've heard the consequences from us before; periodontal disease affects 80% of dogs audit's an illness that can lead to death. To take care of your pet's mouth, you have to brush their teeth and get into the habit of brushing their teeth. Make sure your dog brushes his or her teeth every single day, just like you do. 


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