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Summer Products to Try for Your Pet

Summer Products to Try for Your Pet

Don't pack up those swimsuits and beach towels just yet - Summer still has a few weeks to play! Soak up the last few weeks in the sun before you have to get dragged down by the monotony of the school year and end this season with a bang! There are plenty of ways that you and Fido can enjoy the last sun-kissed days before pumpkin spice season hits. Check out some of our favorite products below:

Doggie Pool

On these hot and humid summer days, nothing is better than taking a nice dip in the pool. And your dog is thinking the same thing! But this isn't your average doggie pool! It is made with puncture-resistant material to keep your four-legged friend splashing for much longer than he would with a normal inflatable pool. The thick PVC material is also anti-slip to keep your pup safe while he cools off. It's easy to set up - all you have to do is fold it into place and fill it with water! When you're done with it, there is a convenient cap that twists off for easy draining. With two sizes to choose from it's perfect for any size dog! Go ahead and make a splash!

Dog Life Jacket

Headed to the beach or a dog-friendly pool? No more being scared of the deep end when your doggo jumps in! This life jacket is not only super adorable with the shark fin coming out the back, but it's practical because it keeps your dog safe! Whether you're on a boat with your dog and are scared of her jumping out or you're at the beach and you're scared of her getting in too deep of water, this life jacket will keep her afloat in case she falls in. There is also a handle on the back that you can use to pull her out of the water! Ranging in size from extra small to extra large, this life jacket is fitted with adjustable nylon straps to keep your dog snug and safe around the water. The buckles are easy to snap on and off and the material dries quickly to keep your pup comfortable even if she is wearing the vest for the whole day!

Dog Raft

Headed to a friend's  pool for the day and want your dog to lounge with you? Try this dog raft! The fun, extra large paw print is perfect for Fido to soak up some rays and dip his tail in the water. Made of puncture resistant vinyl, you don't have to worry about your dog poking a hole in all your fun. Maybe keep it out of reach of any teething puppies, though. Don't be shy - this raft is big enough to fit dogs up to 110 pounds so go ahead and get floating! If your pup gets bored and wants to play in the yard instead, there's a bonus on the underside! This raft has 5 cupholders tucked in the bottom to keep the party going even if your pup calls it quits. 

Dog Sleeping Bag

Due to COVID-19, people are looking for more and more ways to spend vacation in a socially-distant manner summer and camping has EXPLODED. But just because everyone's doing it, doesn't mean that your pupper has to be left out! The days might be hot and humid, but the nights can get quite cool depending on where you're located. This sleeping bad is made of polyester that is lightweight for carrying and packing, but double lined so it keeps the heat in on chilly nights! Machine washable, this bed is built to withstand the elements and to keep your dog nice and warm season after season!

Pet Travel Bag

Travel in style with this convenient pet travel tote. This tote comes with a placemat, two lined pouches to hold treats and food, and removeable silicone bowls so you can truly eat on the go! Whether you're heading to the park to have a picnic or packing up to go on a road trip, all of your pup's essentials will fit in the polyester-lined bag that includes dividers to keep everything organized. Being around the size of a standard size carryon, you could even bring this for your pup's things when if you're taking a plane to your destination! So versatile!

Outdoor Dog Bed

Just headed to the backyard to grill the last of the burgers before summer ends? There's no reason Fido shouldn't be comfortable hanging around waiting for scraps. This outdoor dog bed is raised above the ground to allow for adequate airflow and actually keep him cooler than if he were to lay on the ground. No trees in the backyard? Not to worry! This dog bed has a canopy to keep his out of the direct rays of the sun. Man's best friend - chillin' in style! 


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