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What Could Be Causing Your Dog's Lack of Energy!

What Could Be Causing Your Dog's Lack of Energy!

Why We Love Our Dogs

One of the best parts of being a pet parent is that sweet moment when you walk through the door, and your dog is beyond herself/himself with so much happiness they burst out in a symphony of affectionate displays!  That spark of excitement, jumping for joy, the tail wagging at 100 miles an hour, with a thousand licks per second, or at least it feels that way.  Seeing our dogs happy makes us happy. 

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Most of the joy of being a pet parent is doing fun things with your dogs; going for walks, hiking, jogging, playing, and of course we can’t forget shopping!  But, what about when your dog stops having as much energy as they did before? What about when the jumping diminishes into lazily walking towards you, barely wagging their tail? And what about when those kisses turn into a momentary glance, barely raising their head?  What happens when they lose that spark?

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The sad fact is most dogs do, and we see it happen right before us.  As they get older we see a decrease in activity & energy levels from our dogs.  Most people dismiss this as old age, but that is not entirely true. There is another, more unfortunate, yet entirely avoidable reason for your dogs’ loss of energy.  The culprit is dental disease. 

A shocking 80% percent of dogs and cats have oral disease by age 3, which is a really serious problem that is often overlooked. This not only results in bad dog breath and plaque, but a very poor and painful quality of life, and may lead to life threatening problems.

Periodontal Disease: “The Culprit”

Bad pet oral care has some serious consequences for your dog’s overall health. Firstly, it’s extremely painful! Think about when you have a toothache, how much it throbs and aches. Now imagine your entire mouth that way!  That’s what happens to our dogs when periodontal disease is allowed to progress.

Dr. Mason Romero, Veterinarian and author of Dr. Mason's Quick Guide To Dental Care knows first-hand the harmful effects periodontal disease can have on dogs overall health. “Periodontal disease is the most common disease affecting dogs and cats today,” says Dr. Romero, “and if left untreated, it can have negative effects on a pet's quality of life.”Not only is it painful, but also extremely taxing to our dog’s immune system.  This causes dogs to be tired and lethargic, making your dog less playful and less full of life.  Veterinarians strongly advocate daily brushing for our dogs’ teeth at home, just like we brush our own teeth. "It's the gold standard,” says Dr. Romero, “and the best way to prevent plaque build up.” 

There is a complete 180-degree change in dog’s energy level once their periodontal disease is treated. “Often times pet owners will tell me their dog has more energy after having their teeth clean. It really makes them a real believer that proper dental care is essential to keeping their pet happy and healthy” says Dr. Romero.  But why let it get that far? Why have to extract several teeth, let them go through pain, and spend a lot of money.  Why not just take care of their teeth daily and prevent all these harmful issues? 

Take Action! 

Don’t let your dogs suffer through the painful experience of oral disease. Yes, it hard to brush your dogs teeth. Who even has the time right? And when you do try, they hate the experience so bad they fight you the entire time! It’s just an unpleasant experience to say the least.

So stop brushing your dogs’ teeth, and let your dog brush their own teeth!

 A dog dental toys that is a dog toothbrush and dog chew that lets dogs brush their own teeth and have good oral care

That’s right, our dogs are smart, capable, animals, and they can brush their own teeth! We just need to give them the right tool to do so. 

Bristly Brushing Stick is the only “DIY” toothbrush for dogs, that actually lets dogs brush their own teeth.  It has unique features that provide the benefit of allowing dogs to actually brush their teeth as they do what comes natural to them, chewing! It’s also a great way to keep them entertained and prevent boredom, while stimulating their mind.

 Oral health isn’t just about healthy teeth, or fresh breath. It’s a bout a healthy pain free lifestyle.  We want our dogs to have the best quality of life possible, so that we can enjoy every moment with them, to the fullest. 

Get your dog back! Give your dog the quality of life he/she deserves. Don’t let them live with pain, lethargy, and inability to enjoy their time with us. Give them the power to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Bristly gives dogs their independence to be their happier, healthier, selves!

Put the power of oral care into their paws!


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