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Quality ingredients matter for health, and your dog's
health matters to us! That's why Free Range Organics
provides only the highest quality raw meats raised
Hormones or Antibiotics!

Our Enhanced Meal Toppers are loaded with the
healthiest protein dogs need to satisfy their natural
instincts, freeze-dried raw to preserve nutrients, and
enhanced with probiotics & amino acid complexes to
maximize your pets health and longevity.

Free Range - TEST

Free Range - TEST

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Why Feeding Healthy & Smart Matters!

Grain-free diet can cause
heart problems in pets

Most kibble is packed with filters
or other harmful byproducts

What you feed your dog directly
impacts their health. Feed them
fresh, quality ingredients for
optimal health

Processed foods for pets is
similar to eating an unhealthy diet
in humans and may contribute to
health risks in pets

What are Enhanced Toppers?

Our Enhanced Toppers are meal enhancers using only the highest quality,
free-range proteins crafted to provide superior health benefits fot your dog.

Enhanced with:


for a healthy gut, immune system,
and whole body wellness


for heart health, great for dogs
on Grain Free Diets

Amino Acid Complexes

essential amino acids required
for optimal health

What Makes Free Range Organics Unique?

Free Range & Grass Fed

All our meats are pasture-raised,
providing the highest quality
protein possible.

Human-Grade Meats

Good enough for you, made
especially for your pets! Our cows
and chickens are raised free-range
right in Texas.

Freeze-Dried Raw

Freeze-Dried to maintain the
benefits of feeding raw while
staying fresher longer! It helps
retain maximum nutritional value.

Single Source Protein

NO added Hormons, Antibiotics, or
Preservatives. Just a single source
protein enhanced with probiotics


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