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How Your Dog Can Brush Their Own Teeth!

How Your Dog Can Brush Their Own Teeth!

Dog Dental Facts

We love getting kisses from our dogs; I know I do. It deepens our bond with them and let’s us communicate our love for one another. But as much as I love my girl Ellie, I have to admit her breath is horrible! I know I’m not the only one who experiences that. The fact is all dogs have pretty rancid breath. Sadly, 80% of dogs and cats have oral disease by age 3, which is a really serious problem, and if ignore (which it mainly is, unfortunately) can be life threatening.  

A dog dental toys that is a dog toothbrush and dog chew that lets dogs brush their own teeth and have good oral care

It’s not our dogs fault that they cant take care of their oral hygiene. It’s our responsibility as pet parents to ensure we take great care of our dogs. I know brushing your dog’s teeth daily seems hard to do because, let’s face it, sometimes we barely have time to brush our own in our hectic lives. Our dogs fighting & struggling with us when we try to brush, doesn’t really help either, instead it further discourages brushing habits, but dog oral care doesn’t have to be a pain! The fact remains that dogs need their daily toothbrushing to prevent the progression of oral disease that can be life threatening.

So yes, brushing their teeth is an unpleasant experience both for our dogs and us. Imagine if your mom grabbed your mouth and stuck a brush in there and scrubbed away, without you understanding what’s going on. Yet, the issue still remains; our dogs need daily brushing just like us. Any vet will tell you, brushing is the “gold standard” for preventing plaque build-up on dogs’ teeth. 

The problem is, we don’t provide our dogs with the right tool for them to get proper oral care. Imagine for a minute, if you had to mow the lawn, but with a pair of scissors instead of a lawn mower. Doesn’t seem pleasant right? That’s pretty much where pet oral care products are right now; they are scissors, when we need lawn mowers!

Our dogs are smart, and very capable. They can do a lot for themselves; after all they did survive in the wild on their own before we domesticated them over generations. Dogs need an oral care product that is designed with their behavior and anatomy in mind, giving them the ability to brush their own teeth, just like you brush yours. They just need the right tool!

A dog dental toys that is a dog toothbrush and dog chew that lets dogs brush their own teeth and have good oral care

Dog Dental Care Made Easy

That’s exactly the reason Bristly was created, to give dogs the ability brush their teeth themselves. It allows dogs to hold their own toothbrush, and actually brush their own teeth as they bite and play; things they already naturally love to do (unfortunately, sometimes with our favorite shoes!). Bristly puts the power tooth brushing into dogs’ paws, and empowers them to accomplish this health benefit for themselves!

We all try to humanize our pets, and I am happily guilty of that too. The problem is, we are doing it the wrong way. We take human products, and force them onto our dogs, and think “oh how cute” while Fido is not really loving you at that moment! We need to start creating products that are developed with their needs first.
Instead of taking a human toothbrush, making the head smaller, and shoving it in their mouths, we need to create something they enjoy doing, and can do themselves. That is what Bristly does! The vision is to empower pets to be independent, confident, and healthy!

The features of Bristly are geared toward achieving independence in brushing for dogs. Whether if it’s the paw handles, the self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir, and its unique grooves with bristles, everything is created around dogs’ anatomy & behavior, to achieve independence in brushing.

The Bristly allows our dogs to get the daily oral care they need, without the unpleasant experience of having a toothbrush forced into their mouth. Give your dogs a better, healthier lifestyle by putting the power of brushing into their paws. Give your dogs a Bristly.


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