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What You Need to Know About Bristly CBD Oil

What You Need to Know About Bristly CBD Oil

While CBD oil is a great supplement for dog oral health, it should never replace daily brushing. The most effective method for maintaining your dog’s oral health and preventing periodontal disease is through brushing every single day. 

Benefits of CBD for Dog Oral Health

Provides Pain Relief

One of the most significant advantages of Bristly CBD oil for your dog’s oral health is that it provides pain relief from a number of various ailments, including gum disease. While CBD oil cannot cure gum disease, it can make some of the symptoms, like pain, much more comfortable. 

Battles Bacteria 

As you may know, the mouth is a breeding ground for all types of bacteria, which can result in gum disease and poor oral health. CBD oil is both antibacterial and antifungal to help battle bad bacteria and promote the growth of good bacteria.

Prevents Candidiasis 

Sugar-digesting yeast, also known as candida, forms part of the normal flora of your dog’s mouth, nose, ears, and gastrointestinal tract. Candida overgrowth is known to cause a number of health problems. However, CBD oil acts as an antifungal to inhibit the growth of this yeast and prevent its cells from multiplying.

Infused with Coconut Oil 

Bristly CBD oil also contains coconut oil, another nutrient-rich organic oil that can provide your pup with various health benefits. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of coconut oil help inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent plaque and tartar buildup. 

How to Use Your New Bristly CBD

Once your Bristly CBD oil tincture arrives in the mail, all you have to do is easily measure how much you want to give your dog.

Serving size: 1/2 pipette for up to 25 lb dogs twice a day. 

Full pipette for larger dogs twice a day.

Have Questions? Reach Out!

We always love to hear your feedback. Whether you love the product or are having trouble building a routine with your dog, contact our customer service today and let us be there for you and your pup!


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