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The Bristly Fresh Breath Pack

The Bristly Fresh Breath Pack

We have some news for you.95% of bad breath comes from the tongue. That means that every time you get a less-than-fresh kiss from your pooch, odds are his or her tongue is the main culprit. 

Luckily, the fresh breath pack allows you to help your dog maintain fresh breath all day long. 

How to Use the Fresh Breath Pack

The Fresh Breath Pack consists of:

  1. Tongue Cleaner
  2. Prebiotic Toothpaste

Simply put a small dollop of toothpaste onto the tongue cleaner and stick the tongue cleaner to any solid surface! Let your dog scrape away bacteria, food particles, and more!

Remember, there is no substitute for brushing your dog’s teeth every day. That’s why we recommend using our full line of dog dental health products!

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We always love to hear your feedback. Whether you love the product or are having trouble building a routine with your dog, contact our customer service today and let us be there for you and your pup!


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