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Bristly Bundle Packs by Bristly

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Whether you've got a big pack, or want to give your dogs endless brushing & play, the Bristly Bundle Pack is the Pawrfect Bundle Deal!

Do you struggle to brush your dog's teeth? Isn’t it difficult? Isn't it such a stressful experience for both you and your pups? 

Imagine if your dog could brush their own teeth! How Pawesome would that be!

Bristly is the only 2-in-1 dog dental chew toy that lets dogs take control of their own dental health every day.

Bundle Features:

Bristly 2 Pack Bundle: Great for 3-6 Months of brushing, or for multi-dog households

Bristly 3 Pack Bundle: Great for 6-12 Months of brushing, or for multi-dog households

Empawer your dogs brush their own teeth & freshen their own breath!

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