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Bristly Pro-Flora MAX Food Enhancer by Bristly

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Bristly's Super Prebiotic & Probiotic Food Toppers - Enhanced Wellness for Pets!

Your dog’s nutrition has a direct impact on his overall health and longevity. Give them a healthy dose of nutrients with our K9 Super Pre and Probiotic Powder + Pumpkin mix.

Our yummy food enhancer includes natural ingredients that canines often miss in their regular kibble, and provides them with whole-body wellness!

Kickstart your dogs kibble with a scoop of our one-of-a-kind food enhancer powder to any meal.

Whether you currently feed your dog a healthy diet, or you want to improve your dogs nutrition, our food enhancer is the perfect blend to Empawer your dog!

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Special Health Benefits

- Custom Probiotic & Prebiotic Blend for Overall Wellness

- Special Enzyme Blend: Digestive Support & Anti-inflammatory 

- Pumpkin & Chicory Root: High in Fiber & Supports Digestion

- Rosemary Extract: Natural Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Cancer Effects

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Other Benefits

- Enhances your dog’s diet by providing him with essential nutrients during meal time

Provides a healthy dose of probiotics and prebiotics that are specific for canines

- Supports a healthy digestive tract

- Creates a healthy balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria

- Improves overall gut health

- Helps support changes in diet

- Boosts your dog’s immune system and helps create an extra layer of defense against environmental stressors

- Comes in Pumpkin flavor Fights against emotional stressors

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Use Instructions

Product Usage:

 Use at meal time twice a day. Amount used is based on the weight of your dog (see chart below).

- For best results mix with water and stir until it reaches a "gravy like" consistency

- For dry usage, you can add to your dogs food as a powder (Make sure the supplement has been evenly distributed throughout your dog’s food before consumption)

 Dog Weight & Recommended Use

 40-80+ lbs. (Large Dogs): 2-3 Scoops

20-40 lbs. (Medium Dogs): 1-2 Scoops

10-20 lbs. (Small Dogs): 1 Scoop

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