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Enhanced Toppers - Grass Fed Beef by Free Range Organics



Your dog deserves the best quality nutrition that satisfies their natural instincts while providing the highest quality protein and essential nutrients for their diet. 

That’s why we’ve crafted our Enhanced Toppers to be the most unique meal enhancers that:

- Use the highest quality single source meats

- Enhanced with Taurine for heart health 

- Enhanced with Probiotics & Amino Acid Complex’s to maximize whole-body health for your dogs! 

These Raw Freeze-Dried dog food toppers will let you feed your dog raw food safely and invigorate their mealtime.

Better health starts and ends with the best quality ingredients. Make every meal count with our delicious and healthy food toppers! 


What Makes Free Range Organics Enhanced Food Toppers Unique?

- Single Source Protein Freeze-Dried Raw for maximal nutrient retention.

- Enhanced with heart healthy Taurine perfect for dogs on a grain free diet.

- Enhanced with Probiotics & Amino Acid Complex for whole-body wellness

Free Range Organics Difference


Feeding your pet the right food can help enhance their lives. Allowing them to live longer, healthier, and fuller lives! That’s why Free-Range Organics is dedicated to providing only the highest quality Raw Meats, grass-fed with no added hormones or antibiotics. Resulting in natural meat, jam-packed with all the healthy protein they need to satisfy their natural instincts!

Fresh. Delicious. Healthy. Fresh. Delicious. Healthy.


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